Primary developers are Charles Miller, Chris Caldes, and Thomas Ostberg:

Charles has a Masters degree in Computer Science and has been working in the IT profession since 1975. He has held positions from programmer to IS Director as both an employee and a consultant. Technical areas of expertise include: 4D®, Sybase®, and MSSQLServer®. Business areas of expertise include: Biotechnology (Lab Project Management), Insurance, Manufacturing, Placement, Non-profit (Fund Raising), Publishing Systems, and Hospitality (Property Management Systems).

Chris has a Bachelors degree in Communications, and has been working as an IT manager at a Fortune 100 retailer for for 9 years. Technical areas of expertise include: Macintosh OS X, Macintosh OS X Server, UNIX shell-scripting, and Applescript. He also has extensive experience with web development environments such as PHP, mySQL, XHTML, and HTML. Additionally, Chris has extensive experience with all the industry-standard desktop publishing applications such as Adobe Photoshop & inDesign, as well as QuarkXpress, and FileMaker Pro.

Thomas has a bachelors in Biology and extended courses in computer science and has been working in IT since 1982. He has held programming, project management and development positions. Technical areas of expertise: Sybase®, and MSSQLServer®. Oracle®, MS Access, Web development (Java, Java Servlets, Java Script, HTML, XML, PERL) C++. Business areas of expertise include: Web development, Insurance and Publishing.