Our busy and fast-paced medical services operation, located within a large institution, has been using 4D since 1981.  When we needed help with conversion of our database from v11 to v13 (as support for v11 was being stopped), several independent 4D specialists sent us to Chuck Miller at Informed Solutions.  He led us through a very complicated conversion, including re-working of a large number of legacy subtables no longer usable in v13.  He very quickly grasped the functionality and purpose of the existing code, which had been developed by another programmer over many years, and was able to insure a smooth conversion with minimal interruption in service (less than 4 hours). Chuck also remained on-call for a period of time following this update to help us with post-conversion issues; the few calls we made were regarding minor issues  and were easily resolved.  We were very happy with his work, and have retained Chuck Miller for additional help with security and enhanced, automated backups.  He is hardworking, fast, honest, and reliable – and easy to work with.

Informatics Manager

“We own a retained executive search firm that after 18 years, clearly needed to do a major upgrade of our 4D database. Unfortunately we no longer had source code and Chuck was able to recreate and enhance our application with no loss of data. From the first time we met with Chuck, we felt instantly comfortable that he understood our needs and the vital importance that our database plays for our business. He did a good job of managing expectations on how long the project would take and during the five months we have been working together, he has been accessible, patient and responsive to all of our needs. We also value that he is conservative when it comes to data integrity and takes all the necessary steps to ensure that each conversion goes seamlessly.”

“Chuck is a true professional in his field and we would recommend him without hesitation.”

Laura Kiradjieff Goode, Managing Director

“Informed Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our organization. As we have continued to grow and our technology needs have expanded and diversified, Informed Solutions has been our partner every step of the way. By creatively integrating the Internet with our internal backend systems, Informed Solutions has provided us with efficient data and management strategies that stream-line our infrastructure and save us time and money.”

Devereaux McClatchey Executive Vice President

“Informed Solutions helps us immensely with our Lab Project Management database needs. They (IS) have programmed lots of new functionality, and the final results were exactly what we wanted…often better than we imagined. They are very thorough and accommodating.”

DNA Synthesis Manager

“I had pleasure to collaborate with folks at Informed Solutions for almost two years on the integrated databases to manage oligo synthesis and DNA sequencing processes at a major pharmaceutical company. Within this time both databases and especially DNA sequencing database was transformed from a slow, buggy, unreliable and poor-in-features “clunker” to a state-of the-art system. I do not know of any commercial or other DNA sequencing database that is so easy to use and is so rich in general and special features to make any kind of sequencing task a snap. For example, it used to take 5-7 working days to finish full double strand sequencing of 2 kbp clone, now 80% of the time we can finish such projects in just one day!”

DNA Sequencing Manager

“We are a reservations office for a premier vacation resort on Martha’s Vineyard. We handle all of the vacation rentals for 95 privately owned condominiums and single family homes as well as the rentals for our brand new 48 suite Inn. Several years ago, due to our growing needs, we found ourselves in need of an updated computer system. This is when we found Chuck Miller of Informed solutions. He completely rewrote our custom system, meeting all of our needs at that time. His professional manner and timely responses were exceptional. I personally dealt with Chuck Miller most often. He was always quick to solve my problems and was a great pleasure to work with.”

Adrienne Hindley

“…The great thing is that he figured out how to give us access to (our) data with a couple of weeks of effort so, instead of being embroiled in the multi-year megaprojects that I hear about at marketing conferences, we’re informed, taking action, and making money now.”

Tom Kush, Marketing Manager